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2021 - 2022 Year 5 Class

 Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page for 2021-22 with Mrs Stevens-Ward & Miss Eatock, Mrs Dunsmuir & Miss Carter
 Year 5 Curriculum Overview 2021-2022
Below you can find our curriculum overview for the year ahead for each subject. You can see what will be coming up in each term including any exciting trips, dress-up days and visitors which we plan to have.
Here is a video explaining some of the things we will be covering this term. You can also see the expectations for a Year 5 child's writing. If you have any problems watching the video on the school website, just click on the link below:
 You will find our Year 5 newsletter, with the same information, as a pdf below:
We would love for you to be able to discuss the learning that is happening in class. Have a look at our timetable for this half-term.
We are very excited about writing our non-chronological reports about Victorian workhouses. We will be looking at a range of non-chronological reports, finding the main features of this text-type and learning about subordinating conjunctions. We will use our knowledge from reading Street Child, by Berlie Doherty, and  complete our own research to inform our writing. 

We are striving to develop our pupils passion for reading and provide lots of opportunities throughout the school day to listen and read a variety of books. If you would like some book recommendations for reading at home, try exploring https://www.booksfortopics.com/yeargroups.


This half-term we will be focusing on three Power Maths units.
Unit 4: Graphs and tables - We will be reading information from two-way tables as well as practising interpreting and drawing our own line graphs.
Unit 5: Multiplication and Division - To progress our learning we will be revisiting finding multiples and factors of given numbers and identifying if numbers are prime or composite. Additionally, we are learning about squared and cubed numbers, before practicing multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1,000.
Unit 6: Measuring area and perimeter - We will be building upon our knowledge of perimeter and area and will use this knowledge to calculate the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes. Additionally, we will be using the formula length x width to calculate area.
Properties of materials is our focus for science this term. We will be investigating what properties different materials have, as well as discovering what changes are reversible and irreversible changes.
Computing - Online Safety
In computing this half term, we will be thinking about the way we communicate and share information online and we learn the SMART rules to guide us through sharing on online platforms. Additionally, we will investigate the advantages and disadvantages of communicating online and about the importance of passwords.
Geography - Marvellous Maps
Our focus in Geography this half-term is around interpreting information on maps. We will be enhancing our atlas skills, learning about important symbols on a map and practicing using eight-point compasses. We will also be using grid references to help locate features on a map. 
Have a look at our knowledge organiser for geography this half-term.
PSHE - Anti-Bullying
During PSHE this half-term, we will be discussing the different characteristics and types of bullying, as well as exploring the reasons why bullying happens and the impact of stereotyping. Additionally, we will be looking into the affects of bullying and how we can respond and support others who are dealing with bullies. 
I hope everybody has had an amazing summer holiday! We are looking forward to starting our new year, which we will kick off with our Victorian topic. 
We would love for you to be able to discuss the learning that is happening in class. Please have a look at our weekly timetable. 
Our English focus for the next few weeks will be biographies, where we will be writing about the life of Queen Victoria and other notable Victorians. Additionally, we will be reading and writing about our class story, Street Child by Berlie Doherty. 
Our first Power Maths unit will be looking at place value within 100,000. We will be using number lines, place values grids and part-whole models to cement our understanding of place value this term. 
We will be looking at the styles of William Morris and William Turner during our art lessons in order to get inspiration for our own Victorian designs.
We will be investigating life in the Victorian era by learning about Queen Victoria, important changes and inventions of the Victorian era, as well as looking at Victorian artefacts and lifestyles.
We will be exploring our new ICT platform 'Purple Mash', where we will be focusing on coding efficiently and investigating different strategies for coding.
We will be looking at beginning and belonging in PSHE, with the focus being on exploring new situations and identifying the emotions experienced. We will also be developing  our own networks of support and considering how we can support others.