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2021 - 2022 Reception Class

 Welcome to the Reception Class 2021-22 with Miss Diplock, Ms Barnes-Weston, Mrs Dray & Mrs Minshull.
The children's first full day at Primary School is on Monday 6th September 2021.
 Here is a sneak peak from our first day at big school...
We hope you all had a wonderful day. 
Here are the photos of us getting to know our Year 6 buddies. 
During the first half of the term the children will talk about themselves and learn about each other during our topic ‘All About Me’. They will explore their new surroundings at school and the local environment. They will also begin to learn about characteristics and tools for effective learning.
Please see our slideshow below which is narrated by the teachers to tell you all about our curriculum this term in Reception.
There is also a pdf document provided of the slides.
During our 'All About Me' topic, we will theme each weeks learning and continuous provision.
At the beginning of term we asked each child to bring in an 'All About Me Bag' to help us introduce our topic. Each child had a turn to share three objects from home with the class.
It was great to see some bags that had been personalised and decorated by the child. I think we all found it very useful to learn more about each other. Here are a few examples...
We used the story 'The Three little Pigs' to help us theme our learning around 'Our Homes'. 
We focused one of our weeks around the theme 'Birthdays'.
Here is our learning that was themed around 'Harvest' in preparation for the Harvest Festival at St. Andrews Church. 
Last weeks learning was themed around the story 'Funnybones' (Janet and Allan Ahlberg) and focused on our bodies. Here is some of the learning that took place in our classroom. 
Learning in our final week before half term will be focused on 'Pets'. 
Our Cool World

Our new topic after half term will be 'Our Cool World' and focuses on the wider world. Children will learn about different festivals and celebrations in the run up to Christmas and find out about other countries and cultures along the way. 


We will finish the term learning about how Christmas is celebrated by Christians and perform a traditional Christmas Nativity for the school and parents.
We didn't need to board a plane the first week back after half term as we had planned to stay in the United Kingdom to find out about Bonfire Night. The children found out about what happened many years ago. 
The following week we all boarded an aeroplane and travelled across land and sea to India to find out about Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita on CBeebies and found out about how Jessica celebrates Diwali with her family at home. Click on the link below to find out more. 
After that, we boarded the plane again and flew to West Africa to find out about a traditional Asante Tale. 
Our third trip on the plane was to America to find out about Thanksgiving. 
After Thanksgiving, we flew back to the UK to begin finding out about 'The Very First Christmas Story'. 
After Christmas...

Our topic ‘Superheroes & Villains’ will span the first half of the Spring Term. The topic will begin with familiar people who help us in our own lives before moving on to community helpers and finally fantasy superheroes.


Children will gain information from non-fiction texts and we hope to gain real life experience from encounters with people who help us in our local community. We will then use some fictional texts and our imaginations when entering the world of fantasy superheroes.